Bluedot Innovation's cutting edge location services solution - the Bluedot Point SDK - is powering the most innovative location-based apps for iOS and Android. Deliver creative content and collect valuable analytics using Bluedot Innovation's powerful, precise and easy-to-use location services technology.

The Bluedot Point SDK enables mobile apps to trigger any action (like opening websites, sending messages and playing video) when users walk or drive through precise locations set anywhere in the world using Bluedot's advanced Geofences, Geolines™ or Beacon capability.

High Precision
Over 20 times the precision of traditional location services, enabling apps to react to Geolines™

Battery Efficient
Maximum precision with minimal cost to your customer's battery.

Enterprise Scalability
Highly secure and scalable allowing you to support millions of daily users.

Customizable Solution
Powerful functionality you can control to interact with your customers where and when you want.

Privacy Protected
Industry leading on privacy, never tracking end users or collecting their personal information.

No Additional Hardware Required
There's no need for additional hardware, so you can roll out location services across your entire business at low cost.

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End-to-End Location Services

Interact with your customers indoors and outdoors throughout their entire journey

Bluedot's cutting edge proprietary technology is an extremely thin virtual line that triggers any action. Requiring only a single line means almost any location can be mapped out, while also delivering greater precision, battery performance and enterprise scalability.

Precise virtual areas that trigger actions in mobile devices when customers' walk or drive through. Bluedot's advanced geofencing allows areas as simple or complex as you need. Interact with customers based on their travel path, while reducing the errors caused by GPS canyoning.

Bluetooth Beacons
Easily integrate new or existing Beacons to interact with customers deep indoors or for micro-location. Beacons can be seamlessly combined with Geofences and Geolines to cover any location-based scenario. Bluedot integrates iBeacons and Android Beacons to allow easy management of all locations through the Bluedot platform.

Zone Conditioning
Unprecedented customization through Bluedot's advanced conditioning engine. Choose when, where and how actions are triggered in a mobile device. Have entire locations 'appear' only for an individual customer or for segments of customers. This can be based on any data point, such as past customer behavior, real-time offers or external conditions like the weather.

Check Out
Send your customers different content when they enter and exit a location to nurture them along the path to purchase. Increase engagement and revenue by customizing the customer experience based on their exact circumstances. Gain visibility into your customers’ travel path, movement and behavior throughout their time at your location.

Dwell Time
Know how long your customers spend at each location to empower sales and marketing decisions. Bluedot’s rich, contextual analytics allows you to understand customer behavior and movement, determine the impact of time spent in-store on your sales, and accurately measure advertising attribution.

Location services for any industry

Mobile Marketing
and Commerce
Banking and
Financial Services
Advanced Analytics and
Business Intelligence
and Real Estate
Points of Interest
and Smart Cities
and Transport

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Interact with customers using the most accurate location services.

    • Starter

      • $500/mo
    • Up to 25,000 Triggers

    • Advanced

      • $750/mo
    • Up to 50,000 Triggers

    • Pro

      • $1,000/mo
    • Up to 100,000 Triggers

    • Enterprise

    • Above 100,000 Triggers

Our SDK is free to download and test using our 30-day free trial. No credit card required. Free Trial

This pricing does not apply to the 'Bluedot Point' App in the AppStore, or to the 'Bluedot Point SDK Demo' on Google Play. These Apps are free for unlimited use. All prices are in US Dollars and do not include taxes or levies. Billing Policy.

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Privacy by design

Privacy is Bluedot Innovation's core business. It follows the principle of 'privacy by design'. This means the Point SDK has been designed from the ground up to lead the industry on privacy.

Unlike other location services platforms, Bluedot Innovation doesn't track end users or collect their personally identifiable information. All data is repeatedly anonymized so customers can't be identified. Please see our online Privacy Policy.

As a Bluedot Partner, Information Integrity Solutions (the firm of the former Australian Privacy Commissioner), offers privacy assessments for your app or business. Ask us for more Information.

About Us

Bluedot Innovation is changing what's possible in location services by combining cutting-edge innovation and the highest quality execution. Its ground breaking R&D and intellectual property have overcome the problems that prevented precise location-aware apps from being developed. Bluedot Innovation is a professional and ethical company that works with its clients and partners to deliver the most powerful and creative solutions to the market.

Filip Eldic
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Helped launch successful location-based apps and leads the company’s R&D program. Background in IT, economics and international relations, and previously held financial roles. Forbes 30 under 30 in Technology in Asia.

Emil Davityan
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Cyber policy adviser at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, leading complex projects across international governments and major technology companies. Previously an adviser on international economic and financial policy, and also previously held financial roles.

David Jaques
Chief Financial Officer & Director

Founding CFO of PayPal, where he raised $140 million and achieved a valuation of $680 million. CFO of Nokia’s venture capital fund, BlueRun Ventures, and previously at Barclays Bank and Senior Vice President at Silicon Valley Bank.

Balendran Thavarajah
Chief Technology Officer

Managed major international projects and teams, with expertise across a broad range of technology platforms and methodologies. Previously development manager at Standards Australia and held roles at Centrelink, Soul and DigiPlus. Associate lecturer at the University of Western Sydney.